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Italian Touch Pizza & Restaurant
EZ Pizza & Restaurant Website $120/Year

If you are local business owner or restaurant owner in New Jersey and you want people get your business information from internet around New Jersey, if you are not familiar the website stuff or you are busy on your business and no time working on the website by yourself, our EZ website Advertising plan is the best solution for you. We design a website and set up the website based on your business needs, we maintain the website based on your request, we put your business on google map, we list the website on google local business and we put google ads on the website. With this one stop solution, we help customers near New Jersey easily find your information on the internet. We own and maintain the website, you pay the service fee and we keep the website online.

Special Set Up Fee For EZ Restaurant Website Advertising in New Jersey: $300. The standard EZ Restaurant Website includes menu, catering menu, coupon, brief introduction, location and direction of your restaurant, whenever you have the new menu or new coupon, just email to us and we will update it in 24 hours.